Both men and women beginners are very welcome, and initially are supervised
by a senior grade. It’s simple, we look after you so you can look after yourself.

This involves learning basic punches, blocks, kicks and escapes from different grabs.
This normally takes three to four weeks, but varies from person to person.
Jiu Jitsu doesn’t rely on flying kicks or high leg work and you don’t have to be fit or supple,
during your training you will become as fit as you will need to be.

New starters are seperated from the main class so they can practice with no pressure.

Turn up in comfortable but loose clothing such as jogging bottoms and tee shirt.

The moves used are good for street safety. The skills you learn will develop self-confidence,
learn simple but effective moves.

Students advance through the grades in their own time and in accordance with the
requirements of a challenging and well structured syllabus.

Participation in the grading scheme is not compulsory although most people find it to be a
valuable tool in setting objectives and quantifying improvement.

We are a friendly club, and (we hope) interesting and fun.

So don’t just sit there, give us a call, email or just pop in during a session.

And don’t forget – the 1st lesson is free, so what have you got to lose ?